Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I know I've previously mentioned the Pastor at Logan's preschool before.  

My heart is full of sadness...my eyes are full of tears.  Stan's Glioblastoma has returned, and aggressively.  Just finished reading his blog.  While they will try some form of treatment, their goal is to try to keep him alive to the end of the year for the birth of his first grandchild. 

He finishes his blog by reminding us, "EACH DAY IS A GIFT"

Please join me in praying for the Buck family in the difficult days ahead...

Monday, July 16, 2012

I have a friend who just learned her cancer has returned.  On her blog, she shared a previous entry (August, 2011) from her journal.  I found the words amazing!

As Abraham took off for an unknown journey, I too have entered an unfamiliar path. Not a path I would have chosen and yet it’s where I find myself. The air is dry. The heat, stifling. The wind kicks up dust and blurs my vision. I lose my footing. My feet crack and bleed and I fall. Water, life, sustenance all seem a fading luxury. As the wind whips over my head, I struggle to get up–and fail. I try again–and fail. Then I feel a tug upon my hand. Strong, rough hands take hold of mine and pull me up. Capable hands. Hands that are wounded and scarred. Serving hands. When I stand, His hand continues to hold mine, guiding and comforting me. Nothing is said but the air has a promising hint of cool. My vision is cleared, if only for a little while. A pool of water, refreshing, sparkling water, is ahead. His hand squeezes mine and I know everything will be all right.  There will be more wind. More stifling heat and dust storms. But His hand holds me steady. Keeps me calm.  His hand . . . will never let me go.”

Thanks, Diann,  for encouraging "me/us."  I hope you find comfort in them once again.  Praying, girlfriend!